Spirit Filled Ministry

Trump of God Church Network

Jesus commanded his followers to “Expand your reach to the ends of the earth and make disciples of all people.”  Furthermore, after his resurrection, the Lord said, “All power has been given to me in heaven and earth.”  He then infused the church with more than enough power to accomplish the task of worldwide evangelization.  In obedience to this charge, Trump of God Ministries has, while walking in this power, established its church network.  Living Truth Carmel serves as the trunk from which several other local churches will branch across the nations.  It’s likely a Trump Of God church is coming to an area near you soon.

Living Truth Church Carmel

Carmel, IN


Founded in 2003

12261 N. Meridian Street
Carmel, IN
Hamilton Crossing Plaza

Ph: 317-569-9673

Future Living Truth Locations

• Living Truth Harrisonburg, VA

• Living Truth Gaithersburg, MD

• Living Truth Davie, FL

• Living Truth Spartanburg, SC

• Living Truth Ridgeland, MS