Books by Keith Trump

2 Corinthians

A New Testament Commentary

Second Corinthians offers the Church—in high definition, 3-D quality—an unforgettable presentation of God’s unmatchable power working in the midst of extreme difficulties. Within its peerless pages, Paul exposes the promise, price, and proof of effective new covenant living and ministry. A combination of death to self and life in the Spirit unlocks God’s limitless treasury. True to both the teaching and example of Jesus, Paul holds forth death and resurrection as two sides to the same coin. Together, they manifest the perfection envisioned by God. Separated, they reveal a tragedy filling up the various stages of Church history. Paul argues that a humble, submitting heart serves as the Spirit’s context of choice for showing forth true glory. Nevertheless, humility never amounts to defeat. Throughout the book, Paul remains forever cognizant of two truths: without Jesus he can do nothing, and the Lord never leaves him. This makes way for miracle-working power in the midst of exceptionally imposing opposition.


This commentary intensely mines essential theological, cultural, and Greek grammatical truths, brings precious stones to the surface, and then carefully arranges them for the reader’s observation. It places an emphasis on both accurate interpretation and relative life application. Readers both ingesting and implementing the material contained herein will be, not only fiercely challenged, but also drastically changed.

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