Study and teach the Bible with accuracy and confidence.

In-person training that makes the original Greek and Hebrew writings easy to understand so you can go deeper in your ministry.

Gain a more profound understanding of God’s Word

Overcome fear and apprehension

Know you are getting it right

You don’t have to be a professor to understand Bible greek or Hebrew.

When it comes to fully understanding the original biblical languages Greek and Hebrew, most of us feel overwhelmed and in over our heads.

Yes, we might have had some training in college or seminary but rarely used what we have learned, leaving us sifting through online commentaries trying to understand meanings and contexts.

Our Mission:

“Getting God’s people into the Language of God’s Word”


Understand the contexts and backgrounds of the Bible better


Know the original meaning and intent of each story and doctrine


Discover a new love for His word and receive new revelation

Keith & Lori Trump

Pastor and Author

“In the past, I have felt somewhat indifferent to the original bible languages until God showed me their importance.
He sparked a desire in my heart to help bring Greek and Hebrew into today’s language.”

For decades now, I have devoted myself to studying these original bible languages to make them easy to understand for my fellow Pastors and Ministers.
I’ve seen my ministry increase in effectiveness and clarity every time I studied the original text.

You shouldn’t have to feel like going back to seminary to teach greek and Hebrew meanings and contexts with confidence.

I can help you with the help of my in-person training seminars.

Highlights of our Training Seminars

A clear and simple approach to the biblical languages

Fun and interactive instruction and application

Use of everyday “common-man”
versions of greek and Hebrew

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Step 1

Schedule Training

Let’s jump on a call together and pick some dates that work for you, your team, or your congregation.

Step 2

Let’s Learn Together

We spend two or more days together teaching you how to uncover truths from Hebrew and Greek easily.

Step 3

Get Accurate and Confident

You enjoy renewed confidence and depth in your teachings and leadership

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