Spirit Filled Ministry

New to Living Truth Church?

What to Expect?

We steer away from mundane and watered-down teaching.  At our church, we believe that the most relevant thing to our lives today is the whole Bible and experiencing the Holy Spirit as well as relating to one another.  This happens as we enter into worship together corporately and our members freely operate in the nine gifts of the Spirit.

Each service is unique because we believe Jesus is present each time we meet.  You can expect the stability of the full word of God preached along with the spontaneity of flowing with the Holy Spirit’s leading.  All age groups are valued and welcomed here as well as all abilities.  Do you have difficulties in your life for which you need healing and connection, prayer and deliverance?  No matter whether you are altogether new to church or have served God for many decades, you will find what you are seeking at Living Truth Church.  Come expecting an encounter with God because you will receive it here.