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Basics of Ministerial Credentials

For many of our partners and members, a strong pull exists to advance deeper into personal ministry.  A ministry credentialing process may be the direction in which they feel God leading them.  We are honored to help these men and women to solidify their commitment to active ministry life and leadership through guidance and cogency in this manner.

Ministerial credentialing especially helps those who wish to pursue layperson/volunteer ministry, part-time, or even full-time ministry to be recognized in an official manner as individuals engaging in a multifaceted dedication to serving God and mankind through development of their practices and daily life example.

Why Ordination?

The Bible clearly teaches that all true gifts and callings come from God and not other people.  Thus, ordination serves to neither call one into ministry nor bestow spiritual giftings on a person.  Instead, it remains a manner of already credible, proven ministers publicly testifying to the ministry of another.  If stewarded correctly, this credibility opens doors within a larger segment of the Body of Christ.  Sadly, in today’s Church world, one can gain ordination by visiting a website, filling out a form, and paying a fee.  However, such ordination proves meaningless to those possessing even an elementary understanding of legitimacy.  Substantive ordination requires proven ministry, a good reputation, submission to God’s Word, the ability to flow with God’s Spirit, and a healthy, committed relationship with an already established ministry.  The larger an ordaining organization’s influence within the Body of Christ, the more doors open for those holding ordination with that organization.  Trump of God has established lasting relationships with exceptional leaders serving within several highly effective streams of Christianity.  Additionally, we remain selective regarding those we endorse.  In short, ordination with Trump of God truly means something substantial.

Ordination lacking any real commitment is nothing more than a trivial piece of paper and frivolous title. Ordination with Trump of God requires the following: a knowledge of God’s Word as proven via a comprehensive measurement tool (a test); a pastoral reference; a background check; an interview with a Trump Of God Ministries staff member; a financial commitment of no less than $200 annually; and an agreement with the doctrines and governmental bylaws of Trump of God Ministries.

What Next?

Those choosing to continue on the path of ordination should move forward with the following procedure: (1) print and mail in the application for ordination; (2) print and mail in the background check permission form; (3) print and mail in the reference form; (4) read the Trump Of God Doctrinal Statement and Bylaws; (5) complete either a personal or phone interview; (7) once approved for ordination, pay the annual ordination dues and sign the agreement to the Trump of God Ministries Doctrinal Statement and Bylaws.

If you have a zeal for going deeper in the Word, moving more effectively in the Spirit, embodying the character of Jesus, advancing God’s Kingdom on earth, and destroying the works of the devil, Trump of God Ministries would love to have you join us!  Contact our office today to get the process of ordination started.

If you are a person who feels the leading of the Holy Spirit to become credentialed through Trump of God Ministries, we invite you to begin the process by filling in this along with two recommendations, one from a longtime friend or employer and one from a pastor or other ministry professional who has served in a leadership capacity for you for a minimum of two years.  After receipt and approval of your application, an in-person ministry review and interview will be conducted along with a criminal background check.

Trump of God has high standards and expectations for quality in ministerial credentialing and we are privileged to serve our ministers through guidance, prompt responses, ministry opportunities, mentoring, teaching, and equipping.





About Keith Trump

Keith Trump is native of Carmel and founded Living Truth Church in 2003. He has an overflowing passion for teaching the whole Word of God. The Lord took him through many years of preparation in order to accomplish this endeavor. Keith holds BA degrees from Evangel University in Biblical Studies and Missions, an M.Div from Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, as well as completing a program of studies from Rhema Bible Training Center. While at Evangel, Keith earned multiple honors such as Outstanding Greek Student, the Zondervan Medal of Achievement for Outstanding Greek Studies, the American Bible Society Scholars Award, the highest distinction of Outstanding Biblical Studies Graduate, and many other scholarships. During his time at seminary, Keith was bestowed the prestigious Presidential Scholarship for each of his years of study. In addition to Hebrew and Aramaic studies, he continued to pursue advanced level Greek courses and is regarded as an expert in the languages by several widely known ministers and evangelists. He and wife of 27 years, Lori, have four children and one grandchild.

For questions or more information, contact Pastor Keith Trump.